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Phoetry - Sort of like Simflipity.
Shake Me When The Album Is Over And He Is Done is an extraordinary look into the realm of offspring and genes. Say no to vinyl as punishment devices, or at least vinyl records.
Just South Of The Old Wooden House - The party usually happens at night, behind the wooden house. Almost like an acid trip.
As If A Drowning Man - The food goes down and then it goes up. You figure it out.
Three Pleads To Nowhere - I tried not to spill the darkness, but it happened.
Kellash - I remember doing nothing but expecting doing.
Bee Lack - Candlestick thaws into an empty gut.
Eat Dust - The dust among us. Slowly, but surely, I am dust.
Dissolution Years - This old couple drifted apart over the years. I came along and showed them absolutely nothing, so they continued to drift apart, until they killed each other one day.
Backdrown - My shots exploded that day. I was on the beach somewhere with someone who was having seizures. My friend and I both exploded.
Grimy Stations - I woke up from a deep sleep inside this place and I was a different person.
Not A Drop Wasted - He may have stayed up all night, but not a drop was wasted.
Cream Of Ice - Carbon Monoxide and tongue laps, there is nothing better.
Wetness - My experience three thousand years ago. It was hell.
Peanut Butter Sandwiches - I am the crust in the garbage.
STOP! - Laziness beyond belief? Are you kidding me?
Balcony Is Sweep - Being on the edge has syphoned me down. Will the dust ever clear?
Broadway Extension (Red) - She was red and full of water. I think I have a tattoo of her name on my body. I cannot remember the details.
Ms. Ressurreccion Amporo Savignac - Honest, I was glorified and satisfied while the unexpected multiplied.
Dr. Railroad Wood - Blood, scalpels, and talcum.
Gravel Mold Tale Untold - When religion was magic.
The Love For An Azalea Stem - The temple of the Church will stab the moon in its side.
California - I lost a lot of blood, spinal fluid, bone mass, and forgot my heart on this little excursion. But there was a Russian in California
Until Further Notice - Her castle was brand new, lots of stone and wooden floors. and two books of photos of her when she was a child.
Navel Gazer in Gaze - It was hard to take air into my lungs and I almost died. So, she cut my finger off.
Three Guardian Angels - The photo above was taken and is the only one of the Three Guardian Angels. She is amazing.
Spinal Pam - Pam drove me around town one night. She was not that awesome, but sure was pretty, for a driver.
Screenplay Leave is a horror drama about an adult going back to her hometown. Sometimes, things are better left alone.
blue abrasion conduit is the soft blue
explosion of karmatic energy

Trent completes the highly anticipated first novel titled,
Gimcrack. This is a culturally crafted subatomic story based
on love and lust, skin, scare and scar, drugs and drama,
syringes, homeless people and prayer.

Zeb Zap-Finger
Trent vigorously works on his 14th screenplay titled,
Zeb Zap-Finger. This comedy is based on laughter, a mean girlfriend, a stingray and revenge.
Four Children
Trent announces his latest horror novel titled, Four Children. It may have something to do with food, anorexia, and purging along with a few slaughters.
Sixteen years ago Trent remembered something from three thousand years ago. He lost four fingers writing this one. He also lost his freedom and the girl that was sleeping at his feet. But, he has a tooth on a necklace thanks to Draigon. The Lord in Bright gave him the tooth.
T-Shirt Girls
T-Shirt Girls is about women who wear t-shirts. It may be about a few other things, but Trent cannot decide on the other things. One thing is for sure, everybody loves women who wear t-shirts.
She was the Conditioner for Trent. But, interpretation always blows everything. So, Trent must go out and find another Conditioner. It will not be easy.
Kiss Albums
Shake Me When The Album Is Over And He Is Done is an extraordinary look into the realm of offspring and genes. Say no to vinyl as punishment devices, or at least vinyl records.
iPregnant with creativity
Serifino Ferino is pregnant with creativity. The ultimate electronic music is brought to life from inside the mother's womb.With the offspring kicking to make an osculating exit, these little bundles of joy are a sure sign of pony and trap.
Serifino Ferino music and tasty under-dimples
Serifino Ferino on Acidplanet.com
iBalcony is Sweep

Once here, the Balcony is Sweep. You cannot escape because it sweeps you back in. Read about this young lady's desperate attempt to escape the balcony. She is tied up inside her mind. She is shackled to her own personality. How many times can a person mask the smell? Her lips moist, skin splendid, she knows what she must. She might dwindle, she might wilt, but she never fails.

"Law shaker so I am a little Catholic school girl smearing vanilla ice cream from my nose and destroying life by ripping a four leaf clover from the soil. I own an empty Kleenex box so I can recognize poverty from the more privileged. By the time the dust clears, I will have siphoned down and will be anxious to get out of here. The day will come when I must please my maker and wash my feet and step off the balcony. Until then, take it for what it is."

iEquilibrium Woman
Equilibrium misfires on a regular basis. This makes her special, this makes her different and this makes her loveable. Equilibrium balances herself against other people. Pink, living and stuffed with vision, she whisks brightness into the loins of aura. She flutters charisma like cake icing.
Thimble Dock
In this place, called the Thimble Dock, masks and bags play heavy on the havoc I produce. Who knows how you will end up. But one thing is for sure, you WILL end up.
The Navel Gazer
Many times I feel alone. Many times I feel like somebody is watching me be alone. I am the Navel Gazer.
There is a Sadness
There is a Sadness amongst everything bright. Stomach aching and body empty, I need a pry bar to grin.
Abandoned Rest
Abism is one hell of a chick. But what else would you expect during the takeover of somebody's personality? Like prophetic centripetal force anchoring the way through time, Abandoned Rest arrives.
Trent announces his top 10 must-see movies as of 2006
1. Fight Club
2. Sin City
3. Snatch
4. The Royal Tenenbaums
5. Kill Bill/ Kill Bill 2
6. Punch Drunk Love
7. Magnolia
8. The Doors
9. Urban Cowboy
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Trent announces his current must-hear music in no special order after number three.
1. The White Stripes/ Jack White
2. Kiss
3. Rob Zombie
4. Kid Rock
5. ICP
6. Beastie Boys
7. The Beatles/Paul McCartney
8. Daft Punk
9. Sigue Sigue Sputnik
10. Poison
11. Motley Crue
12. Junkyard
13. Guns N' Roses
14. Faster Pussycat
15. Prince
16. Lenny Kravitz
17. The Dust Brothers
18. The Doors
19. Cowboy Junkies
Abandoned Rest
Back At The Barn
Nosedives Above The Rest
Screenplay Butterflies and Butt Flies is a comedy about traveling the country in a promotional marketing scheme. This includes a five-pound man, Bigfoot, divine intervention, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Screenplay Blood On Your Face is a horror drama about a brother and sister going back home for a funeral only to find mystery, sexual taboo, family secrets and death.
Screenplay Goodie, Goodie, Gumdrop is a family fantasy about teens, candy, corporate takeover, competition and a wild trip to Alaska in search of the human-sized gumball tree.
Screenplay The Football is a comedy thriller about one player, one reporter, and one goal. . .get the football.
Screenplay Water Bugs is a comedy adventure set in the late 1800s and revolvers around two wild sisters and the search for treasures.